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Arcturus develops and implements real estate strategies for hotel and resort properties. We conduct detailed analysis on operating and financial performance, develop and implement action plans to address critical issues impacting value, negotiate key agreements with third parties, and oversee operations for new or partially complete development projects. 


Arcturus seeks to improve bottom-line performance by assessing and/or overseeing all aspects of hotel operations. We identify opportunities for improvement in sales and marketing, as well as brand effectiveness. We also review staff capabilities, staffing efficiency, labor issues, management controls, PIP or other capital expenditure plans, and departmental expenses and profit margins.


Corporate Management
Decades of experience managing both public and private hotel operating companies enables us to recognize strengths and weaknesses within an organization, and suggest actions for improvement. The allocation of responsibility among senior executives and the systems a company employs to manage various departments (sales, reservations, procurement, information technology, etc.) impacts success at the property level. We also have significant experience identifying and tracking overhead allocations and other cash flow arrangements among related entities to ensure proper distributions among invested parties.


Franchise and Management Contracts
The group is lead by professionals with extensive experience as owners and operators who have negotiated numerous agreements with the various brands. We understand the key issues and economic terms that must be addressed to maximize asset value.


Cash Flow Analysis and Projections
We develop independent opinions on pricing and occupancy by visiting competitive properties and analyzing critical supply and demand drivers. This perspective is combined with a thorough understanding of a property’s departmental costs and ratios, employee/position productivity, and other critical expense items to determine the accuracy of budgets and forecasts. The underwriting process typically identifies potential risk factors and upside opportunities during the projection period, including operating efficiency and execution issues.


Acquisition, Financing and Operating Agreements
We structure numerous agreements to acquire, finance and operate hotel properties. We leverage our familiarity with these agreements and our understanding of operational issues when negotiating business terms and conditions.




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