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Arcturus develops and implements real estate strategies for office properties. We conduct detailed analysis on operating and financial performance, develop and implement action plans to address critical issues impacting value, negotiate key agreements with third parties, and oversee operations of new or partially complete development projects.


We negotiate leases during periods when supply/demand conditions favored landlords and other periods when conditions favored tenants. We understand both economic and non-economic issues that impact decisions and utilize that knowledge to negotiate favorable terms. We also have strong relationships with senior executives at leading international brokerage firms and utilize their resources for the benefit of our clients.


We build property management teams, review property management guidelines and procedures, identify the strengths and weakness of the property team and find replacements when needed to avoid unnecessary expenses in order to maximize operating efficiencies. We understand all facets of operations which enable us to thoroughly analyze every major expense category and minimize waste. In addition, we manage development projects (new and partially built), tenant improvement build-outs, large capital improvement projects, insurance risk decisions, and tax appeals to save clients time and money. During transitional periods we can establish credibility by managing relationships with brokers, tenants, attorneys and contractors.


Cash Flow Analysis and Projections
We assess local market conditions and classify competitive properties and leasable space in order to analyze budgets and develop forecasts. Employing a bottom-up, hands-on approach that uses our team’s ownership and operations background ensures that cash flow projections have been thoroughly screened for revenue enhancement and expense saving opportunities.


Acquisition, Financing and Operating Agreements
We structure agreements to acquire, finance and operate office properties. We leverage our familiarity with these agreements and our understanding of operational issues when negotiating business terms and condition.

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