Restructuring and Real Estate Asset / Portfolio Management Services

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Restructuring and Real Estate Asset / Portfolio Management Services

Our experience with troubled assets through previous down cycles provides Arcturus with the skills and experience to develop and negotiate effective restructuring proposals. Our collective knowledge across numerous property classes enables us to manage large and diverse portfolios.


We actively negotiate loan agreements both in the role of lender and borrower. Our deep understanding of complex capital structures and the operational issues confronting an asset or portfolio of assets enables Arcturus to either represent or support investors negotiating terms of a financial restructuring. Arcturus’ expertise is valuable whether a loan is classified as special mention, sub-standard, non-performing or troubled debt restructure. The combination of property-level knowledge and institutional understanding coupled with our negotiating experience allows us to work effectively throughout the restructuring process.


Real Estate Asset/Portfolio Management
We actively match investment strategies and return objectives while balancing an investor’s appetite for risk. We combine our entrepreneurial culture with a systematic approach to investment management and reporting derived from experience working with large financial institutions. We track leading performance indicators and capital market conditions, evaluate performance against business plans and ensure compliance with key loan and operating agreements. By working closely with an investor’s existing asset management team we create the appropriate customized analyses and reports necessary to ensure issues are understood and enable key decisions to be made in a timely manner.

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