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Arcturus develops and implements real estate strategies for retail properties. We conduct detailed analysis on operating and financial performance, develop and implement action plans to address critical issues impacting value, negotiate key agreements with third parties, and oversee operations of new or partially complete development projects.


We develop leasing plans and marketing strategies, and negotiate leases with department stores, anchor tenants, and a broad spectrum of national and local tenants. We understand the interplay between anchors and inline tenants, key lease issues and how to develop the appropriate leasing and marketing plans to drive occupancy. Our relationships throughout the industry provide us with access to information that is not widely available but often beneficial to clients when making strategic decisions.


We develop, redevelop and reposition a wide variety of retail properties from simple strip centers to complex mixed-use projects throughout the country providing us with the experience necessary to devise solutions for even the most difficult situations. Our understanding of local zoning issues and entitlement processes, and our ability to manage teams of planners, architects, engineers, attorneys and contractors ensures the highest probability of success.


Our experience building management teams and overseeing the operations of a variety of retail property types enables us to quickly identify operational issues and seek appropriate remedies. We know how to drive performance and eliminate waste. We also understand how to manage tenant improvement work and other capital expenditure initiatives, balance the interests of tenants in a mixed-use environment and maintain good-working relationships with government agencies and community groups, all crucial activities for smooth and harmonious operation of a retail facility.


Cash Flow Analysis and Projections
With many years of experience serving as asset managers for retail projects, Arcturus is able to analyze and extract key information from various property reports. Tenant sales data, health ratios and other performance metrics all allow us to identify existing problems and anticipate and avert those that are emerging. By thoroughly analyzing a property’s performance and its competition we are able to develop strategies to secure market position and accurately project revenues and expenses.


Acquisition, Financing and Operating Agreements
We structure agreements to acquire, finance and operate retail properties. We leverage our familiarity with these agreements and our understanding of operational issues when negotiating business terms and conditions.

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