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Single Family Residential

Arcturus develops and implements real estate strategies for single-family residential properties. We include conduct detailed analysis on operating and financial performance, develop and implement action plans to address critical issues impacting value, negotiate key agreements with third parties, and overseeing operations of new or partially complete development projects. All of this leads to the development of a plan to maximize asset monetization for our clients, through the continued development and/or positioning for sale of the asset.


Our experience managing the development of master planned residential communities enables us to take over projects in various stages of completion. We work with general contractors and subcontractors to determine costs to complete and rebid stalled projects to maximize savings while maintaining quality. We also analyze performance guarantees and work with public agencies and surety companies to minimize impact of delays and past performance.


Understanding the status of PUD approvals, off-site improvement requirements, and potential environmental issues is critical when evaluating partially complete projects. Given changed economic conditions, Arcturus will also often seek zone changes to reposition a project for success. Arcturus has experience working with local municipalities and governmental agencies throughout the U.S. to ensure that unnecessary fines or work delays do not occur.


Cash Flow Analysis and Projections
We review existing business plans in the context of local market conditions, and make revisions if necessary. Employing a bottom-up approach that utilizes our knowledge of construction costs, zoning risks and market demand, we develop cash flow projections which have been risk-adjusted and thoroughly screened for revenue enhancement and expense saving opportunities.


Acquisition, Financing and Operating Agreements
We structure agreements to acquire, finance and operate residential properties. We leverage our familiarity with these agreements and our understanding of operational issues when negotiating business terms and conditions.

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