Underwriting, Investment Due Diligence and Transaction Management

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Underwriting, Investment Due Diligence and Transaction Management

Arcturus supports clients by underwriting investments for new acquisitions and negotiates loan restructurings or recapitalizations.


Underwriting and Investment Due Diligence
Our firm’s experience across asset classes throughout the U.S. enables us to work with clients on acquisitions of diverse portfolios both in terms of geography and property type. We utilize our ability to develop “quality” cash flows and work closely with clients to derive valuations while assessing key risks. We employ an “on the ground” approach to due diligence, use our expansive network of local experts, and utilize 3rd party market data to execute assignments often under tight deadlines. Our ability to perform a “deep dive” on real estate and real estate secured assets serves to complement due diligence performed by either internal loan review departments or desktop analyses performed by 3rd party companies. Depending on the client’s needs we can analyze different scenarios including liquidation and stabilized values while accounting for a number of variables that impact value.


Transaction Management
When a property transaction (purchase, sale, financing, leasing, etc.) takes place, the interests of the many parties involved must be managed effectively to ensure that our client’s interests are properly represented and protected. Purchase and sale agreements, management contracts, leases, loan documents, inter-creditor agreements and operating and partnership agreements all stipulate each party’s rights and obligations. A variety of economic, capital markets and operational issues will impact our client’s rights and obligations under these agreements. Having executed numerous such agreements to acquire, finance and operate various property types, we leverage our experience when negotiating on behalf of our clients.

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