A Federal Law Change Will Lift Foreign Investment in New York City Real Estate

If two bills amending the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act are passed, foreign pension funds will be able to invest in U.S. real estate without having to pay capital-gains taxes. [Read More]

Wealthy Foreigners Bought $100 Billion in US Real Estate

Overseas buyers snapped up more than $100 billion in U.S. real estate over the past year, as the foreign wealthy sought safe shelter for their fortunes. [Read More]


Property Investors Fall for America’s Latest Tech Hub: Chicago
Cheaper prices, more space have some dubbing the city ‘Silicon Prairie’ [Read More]


Following Foreign Capital Beyond the Gateways

Even if it sounds cliché, the United States has proven itself as the land of opportunity-for commercial real estate markets, at least. [Read More]


Foreign Money Is Pouring Into U.S. Real Estate, and It’s Not Just Houses

Blockbuster real estate deals are back and breaking records as cash from around the globe pours into U.S. office buildings, apartment complexes and other investment properties. [Read More]


Optimism Grows as Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Estate Surges

Real estate executives have turned more bullish on the real estate market as it continues to attract the interest of foreign investors, a new study from law firm Akerman LLP found. [Read More]


The Chinese Are Flooding NYC Market Like Never Before

Chinese investors and developers are flooding the local real estate market at never-before-seen levels, buying some of New York City’s most iconic buildings at prices that local buyers aren’t willing to pay. [Read More]


Millionaires See Real Estate as Top Investment for 2014

U.S. millionaires see real estate as the top alternative-asset class to own this year,. [Read More]


Investors Keep Pilling Into Apartments

Investors are on track to buy more multifamily properties this year. [Read More]


Office Market Moving into Sweet Spot in Recovery

Falling vacancy, rising net absorption and a controlled supply  is creating broad-based opportunities to increase rents and reap higher property incomes in U.S. office markets. [Read More]


Hotels: New Generation of Revenue Managers can make Big Impacts in Budgeting Considerations

Budget time presents a golden opportunity for hoteliers to reflect and consider new hotel strategies..  [Read More]


Asian Buyers Continue Targeting San Francisco

Asian buyers are spending more on U.S. multifamily than any time before, with San Francisco the most attractive destination for their investment dollars. [Read more]


New York City: Selling the Outer Boroughs to Foreign Investors can be Challenging

Even though Manhattan is considered the best-quality product for foreign investors, outer boroughs such as Brooklyn and Queens are becoming more appealing for foreign investment.. [Read More]


Commercial Real Estate Didn’t Boom and Bust. Is This Why?

Commercial markets are significantly more stable than housing markets. [Read More]