Broad Perspective. Uncommon Rigor.

Arcturus has a deep understanding of the principles and key considerations that underpin successful real estate investing. Our broad perspective and unique insight into the factors that drive value creation have been developed and refined over the 25+ years our principals have been acquiring, owning, and operating real estate.

Insight Rooted in Deep Analysis

The best way to find opportunity, avoid problems and maximize value for our clients is through diligently and persistently understanding each particular situation and our client’s unique objectives.

Whatever the Asset Type

Arcturus advises clients with investments in all the major real estate sectors including office, multifamily and condominiums, hotels and resorts, retail and industrial.

Across the U.S.

We’ve built an extensive, nationwide network of professionals and market participants which we leverage to obtain on-the-ground information and gain unique insights—in both gateway cities and secondary markets.

Combining deep expertise and extensive relationships with rigorous analysis is what makes Arcturus different. We know where, how, and what to look for to uncover opportunities, identify risks, and develop strategies to preserve and create value for our clients.

Every Building Has a Story

Opportunities and risks often lie beneath the surface. That’s why we approach every situation from the ground-up; scouring the details from basement to rooftop to get a thorough understanding of each unique situation. That may mean carefully reviewing leases, operating agreements or other legal documents, conducting an assessment of a property’s operations and competitive positioning, or evaluating an investment’s capital structure, ownership/control provisions, and liquidity options. In all situations, our approach to gathering information, assessing conditions, finding opportunity, and dimensioning risk is systematic and meticulous, allowing us to capture profit that would otherwise have been unrealized and preserve value that might otherwise be lost.


Our Guiding Principles

Our work is firmly rooted in five guiding principles:

We approach our actions and relationships with the highest level of integrity and maintain a singular focus on our clients and their unique needs.

We provide unbiased, independent advice specifically tailored to the particular circumstances and goals of each client.

Our advice is rooted in thorough and comprehensive analysis to assess and balance both opportunity and risk.

We are committed to providing insightful, clear, and actionable advice – with a single-minded focus on creating value.

We move as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality of our work. Our size and work ethic enable us to be responsive and agile.