High Net Worth Practice

Arcturus provides strategic and tactical advice, and best-in-class execution to family offices and ultra high net worth investors. We combine in-depth real estate knowledge and analytics with an understanding of how family dynamics can impact investments. And we are keenly aware of the unique considerations involved in family-owned and operated businesses.

How We Help Our Clients:

We work with our clients to understand their objectives and the various interests involved to find customized solutions – whether that involves straightforward asset dispositions, portfolio assessments/valuations or asset management assignments, or highly complex situations involving litigation, transaction/tax structuring, operator and partner replacement, or challenging stakeholder negotiations.

Chris Forero, cforero@arcturusgrp.com

Solutions as Unique as Your Family

Helping high net worth families meet their objectives requires creativity, sensitivity to individual needs, patience, consensus building, depersonalized negotiations, clear communication, and an appreciation for the ramifications of change. Every family is unique. That’s why Arcturus brings customized solutions to meet your individual situation.

Preserving Wealth – Growing Value

Arcturus helps our high net worth clients evaluate current holdings, assess the effectiveness of existing operating companies, appraise third party service providers, evaluate investment and business plans, and identify diversification and value enhancement strategies—all with an eye towards preserving wealth, growing value and minimizing risk.

Across Generations

Arcturus works with both first-generation business founders and their subsequent generations to understand their specific circumstances, unique investment requirements, and desired outcomes. We work with clients new to investing in real estate, and with those with generations of experience. Whether the focus is on how best to manage/operate investments, succession planning, tax structuring, estate planning, or other aspects unique to family businesses, we understand that high net worth investors often have multigenerational stakeholders with diverse interests, unique circumstances and varied needs.

An Adaptable, Multi-faceted Resource

Arcturus can serve as an outsourced management team, asset/portfolio manager, strategic advisor, transaction manager, and as a complement to our clients’ legal and accounting teams to afford a critical business perspective. We provide a wealth of experience, seasoned judgment, and scalable expertise in whatever capacity is required to meet our clients’ needs.

Recent examples of our work:

Office Portfolio Evaluation: 
Arcturus conducted a portfolio assessment for a high net worth owner seeking to better understand its holdings and improve the performance of a $250 million portfolio of interests in office properties. The Arcturus team performed a “deep dive” analysis including individual asset valuation, leasing strategy review, and operations and management assessment.  The deliverable included a comprehensive overview of the portfolio, a summary of findings, and specific, actionable operational recommendations to enhance the value of the individual investments.

Large NYC Retail Redevelopment: 
Arcturus provided redevelopment and recapitalization advisory services to a high net worth owner of a flagship retail and office property in NYC. Arcturus identified and evaluated various investment and redevelopment alternatives, including an assessment of potential uses, scope, timing, and cost. The review led to the decision to pursue a $200+ million recapitalization with a joint venture development partner that was sourced, negotiated, structured and closed by Arcturus, enabling the client to right-size its business, modernize the asset, and generate liquidity in excess of initial projections.

Asset Management and Disposition of NYC Office Portfolio: 
Arcturus provided asset management and transaction management services to a high net worth owner seeking to optimize the performance of, and then liquidate, a portfolio of Class B office assets in NYC. Arcturus performed a comprehensive assessment of each asset, developed value enhancement strategies to increase NOI, oversaw leasing and management, and ultimately led the sale process. The multi-year engagement resulted in improved financial results and the successful liquidation of the client’s investments substantially above initial pricing expectations.